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4 Ways to have a debt-free wedding

One of the ways to have a happy married life from the beginning of your marriage is to have a debt-free wedding. Many people go into debt just because they want to make their wedding day glamorous. There is nothing bad having a wedding that is the talk of the town. However, you mustn't do more than what you can afford.

In most cases, people do like an expensive wedding and this boils down to the fact that they have attended a lot of expensive and glamorous wedding ceremonies. And they will like to replicate the same when it is their turn. This is good but you must understand it is you and your partner’s resources that must determine the kind of wedding to plan for whether a ‘low key’ or a ‘high key’.

In this article, I will discuss 4 ways to plan for a debt-free wedding

Make a budget

A budget is the amount of money you want to allocate for your wedding. This will then guide you on how much you should or should not spend on your wedding base on your purse. Every of your plan should be based on your financial strength. Please don’t stretch yourself beyond normal limit because you will have to bear the debt alone. Moreover, servicing debt is a pressure on any marriage and an unhealthy beginning for new couples.

Communicate your financial strength and budget to your partner

Openness to your partner will be your saving grace in this situation. You and your partner must have a dialogue on how you want the wedding to be. She will then be the one to communicate this to her parents and prevail over them in case they are planning to make you sweat it out financially. It is a known fact for many cultures that the bride’s parents will make a list of what the man will bring, which the man must fulfil before they can give their daughter out to him. And most times, the list is being loaded that one will need a huge sum of money to meet. But you can make them reduce it if you and partner can relate your financial status to them.

Make it simple as possible

It is not in the complexity of your wedding that makes a good and happy marriage, it is how prepared you are for the new task that is ahead of you. I hate debt because it makes me feel unrest and the pressure it brings can easily break one down. This is the reason why you must make your wedding as simple as possible. Don’t try to fake things and later bit your fingers for it.

Be good to people and have a good human relation

One thing I have discovered from my own personal experience is that if you are good to people and have invested in people lives, you may not even spend much for your wedding. It will be one the days to reap whatever you have sown because most of your bills will be paid by them.

Lastly, make sure you have savings that will take care of you and your wife after the wedding. Don’t spend every penny on you on your wedding day, have savings, and you will see that your marriage will start on a good note filled with joy and happiness.