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3 causes and effects of broken homes on a child

A broken home is defined as a family in which one parent is absent, usually due to divorce or desertion. This article will focus on broken homes caused by divorce. The rate of broken homes in marriages is becoming alarming as the number of people from broken homes is increasing by the day. Whereas family is said to be the first institution where one starts to equip oneself to grow. In addition, the home is meant to be a place filled with joy, happiness with a lot of guaranteed security and comfort. Everyone dream of homes filled with joy, healthy and happy. But different problems have led to a broken home. And these have an adverse effect on members of the family especially the children.

Causes of broken home

Lack of effective communication

Lack of effective communication will always lead to misconceptions and conflicts between couples. Effective communication helps the family to stay united because importance issues are discourse and problems are solved during the discussion. When there is a lack of communication, partners tend to be secretive in their attitude: they will never share their feelings about any issue with their partners.


The rate of abuse at homes is alarming and it has led to broken homes. Some men see their wives as slaves putting all duties especially the house chores on them. Moreover, some men beat their wives.

Parental and friends influence on marriage as led to the high rate of broken homes in our society. This influence is a threat to the oneness of the home.

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Effect of broken homes

The effect of broken homes on children as made a lot of them to lose interest in life and in relationships. Some of the effects of broken homes are discussed below:

Warped relationship

Warped relationship means distort from the true meaning of a relationship. They see a relationship as their source of hardship and sorrow. Thereby making some girls believe that all men in their lives would act like their father and eventually leave, so they close up to most relationships. Moreover, the boys can’t see commitment as a requisite for a relationship. So a lack of true meaning of relationship will make them walk out of any relationship as they like.


Most children respond better and quicker in school if the home front is peaceful and loving, but where the home is in disarray, the child loses concentration at school. Self-doubt and lack of confidence at school is a result of broken homes. Additionally, the performance of these children in their studies is always low.

Emotional instability

Emotional instability refers to rapid changes in mood, where strong feelings (uncontrollable laughing or crying, or heightened irritability or temper) occur. One of the causes of emotional instability is a broken home. Children from a broken home sometimes show heightened irritability or temper because of the abandonment of the father or the mother. Some children act out their distress about their broken family by acting aggressive and by engaging in bullying behavior, both of which can negatively affect peer relationships. Other children may experience anxiety, which can make it difficult for them to engage in beneficial activities.

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