How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

10 ways to make a man find you, run after you, admire you, love you, and marry you

There are ways you can make yourself a hot cake to your suitors and if you don’t want to grow a gray hair before you marry, here are what you need to do to marry early.

1.  Look attractive

Your look is the first thing a guy will see before any other qualities you may possess. Dress neatly, have a good dress sense and walk smartly. Anybody that tells you that the outward appearance of a lady isn’t important is a deceiver and doesn’t mean well for you. Guys admire good looking and decently dressed ladies.

2.  Smile a lot

Women who lack men's attention rarely smile. They are always cold and look as if they are carrying the problem of the whole world on their head! But genuine, loving smile attracts people, creates friendship and unlock doors! Show your happiness by smiling and men will naturally admire and chase you.

3.  Have a free spirit: Be open-minded and accommodating

The easiest way to make yourself unattractive is when you are not accommodating and friendly. And this may lead to delay in getting married. For instance, a man won’t know you have good virtues if he hasn’t had any association with you. So your inability to make friends with people and accommodate them will make you inaccessible to potential suitors.

4.  Be industrious

Show me a man that doesn’t love or admire hardworking lady and I will show you a pathetic man who is dead while living. There is a story a lady told me of how her husband was attracted to her. The lady said her husband confessed that the way she worked tirelessly during a program they both attended together caught his attention and made him took notice of her. The rest is a story because they are now married.

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5.  Be humble and respectful

If you are proud and cocky you may be in for a long time wait until you become white-haired. A humble and respectful woman can’t lack good suitors. Men love to be respected and when they see women who can give them due respect, they admire such women.

6.  Be interesting

One of the ways to be interesting is to have a hobby: your hobby might be reading, singing, cooking etc. It may be your hobby that will attract you to your suitors. Don’t be a boring woman who has nothing of value to offer her suitors. I will recommend that you cultivate the habit of reading good books because of its potential to illuminate your mind and add values to you.

7.  Love yourself and believe in yourself

In this present dispensation, women of high self-esteem are most sought after by men. This is so because such women don’t look down on themselves and do approach life positively. Any day anytime this kind of women will attract men! Moreover, it will be impossible to love people if you don’t love yourself: the way you treat yourself shows the way you will treat others.

8.  Be God-fearing

A man believes that a God-fearing woman will have a good conscience and he will be safe in such hand. No man will admire or chase a woman without good conscience because such woman is a disaster that is about to happen. And no man will want to complicate his life by marrying such a woman.

9.  Be peace loving

If you want to capture a man’s heart, be peace loving. One of the hidden need of a man is peace, so a man will naturally admire, love, chase, and marry a woman who is peace loving.

10.  Be yourself and be original

Are you willing to marry early? If yes, don’t take any of these points for granted.