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7 signs he is taking you for a ride

A relationship should be enjoyable, full of fun and a lovely adventure. But sometimes, the kind of a relationship some people get into is a cheat and deceitful. In most cases, they are lost in it and don’t know the way out. Nothing makes people see you as being dumb and dull as when they see the way you are being overridden by your partner. Notwithstanding, they stay put in the relationship hoping the situation will change automatically. No situation changes on its own accord unless you do something about it.

Before a man could take a woman for a ride he already knew that such woman doesn’t have the gut to break-up the relationship despite the abuse. Of a truth, I am not always pleased with an oppressive relationship. At least, it is required of a man to treat you like a woman and make you have a sense of self-worth. But if this isn't the case, you must be able to read the signs before you get entangled in such a relationship.

7 signs to look out for to know if your man is taking you for a ride are:

1.  He is dominance

There is a difference between leadership and dominance. A good leader will lead by example and not lord it over you. But if a man shows dominance in a relationship then it means he will want to coarse you, think and take decisions for you. At least, freedom should be one of your rights in a relationship: freedom of expression, freedom to take a decision, freedom to choose etc. Meanwhile, a relationship shouldn’t be an end to rights and privileges that you have. You should not forget he is not yet your husband. Even if he is your husband, it doesn't mean he should be disrepectful and dominance. Dominance is one of the signs that he will be a bad husband.

2.  Overprotectiveness

This happens when he is insecure. And it is because he knows he hasn’t been fair in the relationship. Overprotectiveness isn’t a sign of love but a sign he wants to rid you of any good suitor that may come your way. 

The following are what he tries to do when he is overprotective:

i.    He frequently checks your daily calls and messages.
ii.    Whenever he sees you with a man he gets angry and can even beat you up for it.
iii.    He doesn’t want to see friends around you

I believe if he has been treating you well then he won’t lose his sleep over you.

3.  He is not appreciative

Nothing satisfies him and nothing moves him to appreciate you. Rather, he gets demanding and asking for what is beyond your capacity to give.

4.  He has no value for your views or opinion

Your opinion doesn’t matter to him on any issue because he has little or no value for you.
“Show me a man who values your opinion and I will show you a man who values you”

5.  He doesn’t communicate well

Are you the only one calling? Hmm…you are in for something. Is he always busy to pick your calls or your calls get him angry? Frankly speaking, I have never seen a man, who is too busy not to return the calls of people that matters to him. 

Although, when calls or text messages become excessive, it becomes irritating. But if your call is within the tolerable range and he is still irritated then it is a sign that he doesn’t take you seriously.

6.  He is secretive

Being secretive is a sign he is taking you for a ride. It also implies you don't have access to anything that pertains to him.

7.  He is not proud to introduce you to his friends

If this is a frequent occurrence then it means he doesn’t want to take the relationship further with you.