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How to make an error-free marital decision

Error-free marital decision is a good step to a successful marriage. One of the mistakes that are common when it comes to the marital decision is keeping a relationship in secret. I don’t actually know the reason why people don’t want to share their love life with people that can be of help to them.

I know it is about your life and you have the right to decide who you share it with or not. But it will be of help to you when you don’t keep your man or woman from people that can scrutinize him/her. You may think that you know everything about him or her, but this may be far from the truth. When you are in love, you are basically operating from an emotional standpoint and every sense of logical reasoning may not be involved. And that is why some people believe that love is blind. However, love isn’t blind; people are the one that made themselves blind to realities and facts.

The mind of an average man or woman is that my love affair is about me and my partner. And they have forgotten that many people have trodden this same path but are now regretting their wrong decision.

The truth is that your view of your man will be quite different from how your parents, mentor, brothers, friends, and pastor will view him or her. There are details you may be blinded to all in the name of ‘love’ that will be seen clearly by them.

For you to make an error-free marital decision follow the steps below:

(i) Seek for counsel

In the multitude of counsel, there is a safety. In the olden days, people go as far as checking their partners’ family history before they can agree to marry him or her. This is done so as to know the kind of family they want to join and what is peculiar to the family.

(ii) Be ready to receive the truth about your partner

The fear of not losing one’s partner is the reason why some people do not want to seek counsel. They are afraid to hear whatsoever may be contrary to what they believe he/she is, choosing what their emotions tell them than what is logical or sensible.
Emotion is part of a relationship; it is like grease that helps the relationship to move on smoothly. However, it must be guided by wisdom.

(iii) Be truthful to yourself

You must be ready to see your relationship the way it is without getting yourself deluded. If your relationship isn’t going well and your partner isn’t treating you fairly, don’t try to convince yourself that you ought to endure a bad relationship. You don’t have to keep on suffering and enduring a relationship that can’t work out well.

You have to be strategic for you to make an error-free marital decision and don't allow yourself to be deluded by fake love that doesn't have long term happiness in view.