How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Steps you can take for you to remain faithful to your wife

There are men who have determined not to cheat on their wives but they were unable to carry through because of certain things they failed to understand. Contrary to the claims that men are polygamist by nature, men can be faithful to their wives. If a man can acknowledge some facts and decides to change how he thinks, he can be faithful to his wife.

Women believe they are more faithful than men in a relationship. And even our society alluded to that fact. The society has designed it in such a way that there is nothing wrong when a man flirts around but if a woman does so it is a grave offence. So this has made some men think they can't-do without cheating on their wives.

However, there are steps you can take for you to remain faithful to your wife.

(i)  Understand that beauty has no end

You must know that you will always come across ladies that are more beautiful and good looking than your partner or wife. There is no gainsaying about this, it is a fact. Failure to accept this will make you go after every good looking lady you see since men are moved by what they see. 

This understanding will help you not to be moved by beauty because you have understood that beauty has no end.

(ii)  Never compare your partner or wife

You must know that your wife can’t have it all. So this will help you to accept her the way she is and keep you from looking for what is missing in her in another woman.

It is you that went ahead to propose to her and she accepts, so be satisfied by her love and enjoy her.

(iii)  Be contented with your wife

It isn’t everything you see that you should have or taste. Let her love, character, personality, etc. satisfy you. If you know you won’t be contented with her, why did you walk her down the aisle?

(iv)  Don’t get too close to other women besides your wife

A married man should not be loose to the point that he will have a lady he is close with besides his wife. You may think nothing can happen but closeness can breed emotional feelings, lust, etc. Set a boundary you must for yourself if you have friends that are female.

(v)  Guard your thought towards other women

Don’t nurture sexual thought toward a woman that is not your wife in your heart. Fornication or adultery is conceived first in the heart, so guard your heart.

(vi)  Constantly affirm your love, your faithfulness, and commitment to your wife.

(vii)  Eat and drink only from her cistern