How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

The vulnerability of love and a need for reorientation

“Love without expression isn’t a true love ~ treatrelationships

To express one’s love or fall in love shouldn’t be an offense or a crime and it shouldn’t be an opportunity to take the person in love for granted. When I was growing up as a boy, I was being advised by friends and brothers that “I shouldn’t express my love to my partner because she will abuse it or take it for granted” But I recently ponder on that old advice and I asked myself “what is the essence of love if it isn’t expressed or why will my partner be so immature to abuse it or take it for granted?

I discovered that love can make you vulnerable. The reason why love is vulnerable is due to the immaturity of the people you express your love to. Let me give you a common instance if a guy walks up to a girl and tell her “I love you” and he starts expressing his love in many ways just to convince the girl of how much he loves her. If the girl doesn’t love him in return, the guy will turn to a ball that she plays around. Some of the lady’s friends may even advise her to extract money from the guy and turn him to ATM

This act is not limited to girls; it is also common with guys. You hear some guys saying “I know she will call me because she has been the only one calling or she is a stupid girl. This means love has made the girl stupid to the guy.

If you are in a relationship and you discovered that your partner is really in love with you, the best thing to do is to reciprocate the love and don’t use it as an opportunity to take advantage of him/her. Or, if a guy walks up to you to express his love and you know you don’t have similar feelings towards him, don’t use that as an opportunity to see him stupid or turn him to your ATM.

I want to affirm to you that once you are in love you are vulnerable but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in love or express your love. It is even a sign of maturity when you know you are vulnerable because of love but you still go ahead to express it. It is a lot better to express your love than to hold it back.

People should wise up when handling love. Never see people as being dull or stupid because they express their love. However, you should not act foolishly because you are in love. Love will never make you illogical or irrational. If you love someone but he/she rejects you, keep your love open to him/her but don’t act foolishly or childishly.

A relationship becomes healthy and full of fun when you and your partner both love each other and express it. Love shouldn’t be one-sided and you shouldn’t take advantage of your partner because he/she loves you.