How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Positions you should be aware of and avoid while dating

There is no point compromising your values, your needs, and self-respect in order to keep your partner who cares less about you despite your good intentions. It is not even ideal to compromise any of your standards in order to date a person. 

A word of wisdom from Eric Charles “There is no amount of devoted desperation that will win over someone who doesn't want to be with you. And there is no amount of desperation needed to keep someone who does want to be with you”. This means there is nothing you can do to keep someone whose mind isn’t actually with you. It is energy sapping and a waste of one’s precious time.

I have a first-hand experience of trying to keep someone whose mind wasn’t with me and I know what it means to be in such situation. The experience is like pouring water inside a basket, whatever I did then don't count since her mind wasn’t with me.


A friend told me a similar story and it affected his love life in a way. He invested so much in the relationship but the other person didn’t care about the relationship. This has made some people not to be committed in any relationship because of what they have suffered in the past. The reason why something of this nature is common is a story for another day.


The truth of the matter is that it will be crystal clear that his/her mind isn’t with you. But in most cases, the signs are neglected, hoping that things will change with time. This is one of the reasons why heartbreak is devastating because the relationship is one-sided and the one with the highest investment suffers most. And the partner that doesn’t give a damn about the relationship will be the one to call it a quit. Thereby leaving you humiliated and pained.

For this reasons when the signs stare at you, you have nothing doing with the relationship than to leave it with immediate effect.

The four positions you shouldn’t put yourself into in a relationship are listed below:

1.  A position where you are bending over backward, while the other person could care less.


2.  A position where you are constantly worrying, strategizing, confused and battling nightmare scenarios in your head over your careless partner.

3.  A position where you are the one pouring your energy, your heart, your resources, and your time all into another person.

If you take note of the above points it will save you from becoming a wounded lion looking for revenge on innocent people.