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Is love a distraction while pursuing one's dreams?

One may be tempted to say love may cause a distraction to one’s dream when one examines it superficially. But a comprehensive look and deep thought about it will make one realize that it isn’t really true.

Dreams are your aspirations or your ambitions in life. It can also be the imaginative thoughts that you have about what you want to achieve in life.

Love is a strong positive emotion, affection, and commitment you have towards someone. It is more of choice than impulse.

From the definition of dream and love I gave above, it is clear that dream is about yourself while love is what you want to offer to someone. Loving someone means you want to add values to him/her, get committed to him/her, and work with him/her to achieve a common goal.

Love should ideally be a catalyst to assist you to actualize your dream in life. However, sometimes this may not be true due to some unforeseen circumstances that happen when you are in love with someone. And this is where maturity and emotional intelligence come in when handling love issues.

Love isn’t a distraction once you are matured enough to handle your emotional feelings. It becomes an issue when you are immature in the school of love.

Pursuing your dreams require concentration and stable emotional feelings. And if you have a stable love life, it can be an impetus to actualize your dreams on time. However, if you are having issues with your love life and you aren’t matured enough to handle it, you may be distracted. That you are in love doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams, if you do so you are still some steps behind wisdom. And your love has turned to foolishness.

In most cases, it is the emotional aspect of love that may cause a distraction if not well managed. For instance, it becomes foolishness when you use the money meant for investment to take your girlfriend to a restaurant or salon to make expensive hairstyle. You should not be emotionally unwise not to know the difference between the money for personal development and the money for your girlfriend’s upkeep. A good partner will not be demanding and will not want you to spend unwisely on him/her because he/she will be of help to you for you to get to where you are going in life.

It is possible that you may be tempted to allow emotion to override logical reasoning when it comes to taking decision especially when you are in love affair. I remember a time I suppose to have a test during my undergraduate days; I missed the test because I was at my girlfriend’s place to keep her company. Now, looking back, I discovered that I have made a wrong decision because it affected my overall examination score in that course. Keeping my girlfriend’s company is what I can do after the test but I got my priority wrong. This is one of the foolish decisions some people have taken and still call it an act of love.

There is no way your love life will distract you from pursuing your dreams if you don’t embrace immaturity and foolishness.

When you love rightly it will help you to actualize your dreams on time.