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Advice on how singles and married should treat their relationships

Treating your relationship as unique and as what you value so much will help you to enjoy your relationship maximally. If you treat it like a trash, you will get a trash as a benefit. One of the reasons why some people find their relationship challenging is because the value placed on it is low and they refuse to treat it as something precious to them.

It is not out of place to jealously guard your relationship. Somebody may ask “why should I put so much value on my relationship?” I will answer by saying whatsoever you refuse to value won’t receive a good treatment from you, have little or no of your attention, commitment level will be low, and you may end up regretting such relationship.

For some days now, I have been counseling some married women and the story I heard from them wasn’t too good. Most of them have one thing in common; their husbands are cheating on them i.e. having extra marital affairs. A man starts having an extra marital affair when he stopped holding his marriage as one of the topmost priorities to keep, protect, provide, nurture, and treat well. If your wife means a lot to you and you don’t want her to go through emotional stress neither do you want to break her heart, you will not want your marriage to collapse or to be threatened.

For any one-sided relationship – the man is committed and has invested so much but the woman is not or vice-versa, it means one of the party do not place any value on the relationship. In fact, he or she still keeps his/her options open which means he/she can leave the relationship at any time.

Let me give an example to buttress my point. For example, you buy a new phone that you like, the phone will be treated with care and you won’t want anyone to handle it carelessly. At some point, the phone will become what you can’t do without because of its importance and a number of valuable things you have stored in it. If the phone should get lost, it will be as if your whole world is about to collapse. I have seen people depressed because they lost their phones. It is so bad that some will cry and search for it as if a vital part of their life has gone. Why is this so? It is the value placed on the phone and its importance.

A Relationship is a state of connectedness between people and a state involving mutual dealings between people. It isn’t about you alone, so it must be treated with high value because someone’s life is at stake. If you refuse to treat it the way it should be treated, you are putting your partner’s life at risk.

Lastly, you don’t need to go into a relationship that you won’t value, be committed, and nurture to grow.