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6 major things that can make a woman unattractive to her dream man

A Woman needs to take note of things that guys find unattractive but won't tell you. Some ladies do wonder why they are unfortunate to attract the right men. But they fail to understand that they embraced things that easily irritate men, thereby, sending right suitors away.

If you take the time to study ladies that attract their dream men, you will notice that they have goodly attributes that attract their dream men. 

I have come to realize that if what you desire in life doesn’t come to you, it means there is something wrong about you. And you won’t get a good result if you fail to look into it.

The most common order is that guys are the one to look out for ladies and propose to them. So it means, out of the ladies that surround a man, he will have to pick one that befits him. And the luckiest girl is the one that has what the man needs in a woman.

Someone once told me that ‘preparation precedes visitation’, this means that you have to prepare yourself well for you to attract your dream man.

Below are the 6 major things that can make you unattractive as a woman:

1.  Excessive makeup: you aren’t modest

Most men love women who dress moderately and have a sense of dressing. Some women apply makeup in a way that makes them disgusting or nauseating to guys. The thing is that if you dress anyhow, you will attract an anyhow guy, also, if you dress irresponsibly, you will attract an irresponsible guy. 

If you want to apply makeup, use the one that fits you most and won’t make you look disgusting. Moreover, don’t dress like someone that is mourning, look good and be attractive.

2.  Nagging

If you are the type that complains a lot or find faults, you are doing yourself a serious harm. Men dislike women that nag because nagging irritates them. No man will like to identify with such woman talk less of going into a relationship with her. Every man wants peace in a relationship but when your dream man spots this attitude in you, my dear, he will pick a race.

3. Demanding

If you are the type of person that people have known to be a tax collector or pest, you may have challenges attracting the right guy. It is common for guys to collect information about a girl before they propose to her, and if the information he gathers is “she taxes a lot”, he will lose interest in you after hearing such bad report about you. No man wants a woman that will suck fortune out of him.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask when you are in need. But don’t turn it into a lifestyle.

4. Bossy

When you are bossy, you become dominating or autocratic as a woman and this isn’t a good behavior for a woman. Every man wants a woman that will be submissive and not the one that will lord it over him.

5. Poor personal hygiene

Are you the type that has a bad body odor or bad breath? If yes, you have to start taking your personal hygiene serious. If you are also the type that frequently looks unkempt, you also need to start taking your hygiene serious. You become more attractive when you are neat, have a good body and mouth odor, and good facial look.

I have never seen a man that hates neat and decent ladies.

6. Lose and cheap girl

Please never be a type of woman whom every man sees as being cheap and lose. However, that doesn’t mean you should also be too difficult to approach. Selling yourself cheap means you have a low self-esteem and low-value system. No man will be happy or like to hear that his partner is cheap and lose.  This is a bad character that will portray you in a bad light to your dream man.

Interestingly, if you can do away with the point given above, guys and even your dream man will find you attractive.

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