How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

When should I back out when she rejects my relationship proposal?

There have been series of questions on when a guy should stop making relationship advances to a lady if his proposal has been rejected after different attempts.

One thing you must understand is that most ladies don’t say ‘yes’ to a relationship proposal at the first request. They believe that saying ‘yes’ to the first request may portray them in a bad light to the guy and they don’t want to look cheap. In order to save their face, the first response is always ‘no’.

However, if you are observant the ‘no’ won’t sound serious, perhaps, you are the type of guy she wants to go into a relationship with.

Whenever you are trying to propose to a lady always watch her countenance, it will give you a glimpse whether she will agree or not.

It is a common phenomenon that you tend to associate with people that you resonate with after you have picked up vibes about them. If the vibe you pick goes well with you then you can associate and flow with them. It may be difficult to explain how those things work with individuals since the factors we consider when choosing are always different. For example, two people may go for a shopping to buy clothes; you will discover that they will return with entirely different clothes. And the reasons for their choice may include taste, size, height, how they feel about the clothes, color etc. The same is also true for the choice of partner in a relationship.

Moreover, you also need to be patient, persistent and persevere if you believe she is your type of girl. Sometimes ladies do have some challenges when they are about to come with a final decision as to who to go into a relationship with.  They consider so many factors before giving their final decision. So during this period, you have to exercise patience. And you shouldn’t forget that you are not alone in the race because she has other guys that have also proposed to go into a relationship with her.

However, if you discover an unruly attitude and she treats you bad frequently then you have to back out. You don’t need to waste your energy on a mission that is impossible.

What to watch out for to know that she won’t accept your proposal include:

1.  She doesn’t call or text you no matter how you tried

2.  She is always cold towards you

3.  She doesn’t find you interesting

4.  She doesn’t honor any of your invitation

5.  Your presence is always giving her headache or nauseating

6.  You know little or nothing about her

7.  She careless about you

8.  Someone else has captured her attention

9.  She makes jest of you always and never takes you serious

When you noticed 7 or 8 out of the signs I have listed above know that you have to back out before you become stupid.

I will advise that you persist once you notice a positive sign from her.