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What to do if your parents resist the person you love and in a relationship with


It is now becoming common for people to experience resistance from their partner’s parents. And this is causing a lot of threat to the wellbeing of their relationship despite the love they have for each other. Some ladies were so unfortunate that they were resisted the first time they paid their potential in-laws a visit. I believe that for every resistance there is always a reason.


You may not be able to know what to do until you get the reason(s) why your parents resisted your partner. The funniest thing is that they don’t even want to know how much you love him/her if he/she has been resisted. If you really love your partner, it is your duty to find out why they have decided to act in such way.


Somebody asked a question about the resistance he receives from her partner's family. And this is the question “How do I let go of someone whom I love so much and the reason for our partying is his family’s resistance towards me due to my health?” This question has shown the reason why he was resisted by her partner’s family. And I believe the lady think through the reason given by her parents before she decided to leave the guy.



It will be unwise not to know the reason(s) but jump into conclusion that your parents hate your spouse. And don’t because of their resistance think they are evil or not interested in seeing you happy with your relationship. You must be able to get the fact before you make a decision.



The steps to take if you find yourself in this situation are:

1.  Walk up to your parents

Walking up to them will suggest to them that you value their opinion. Then tell them why you have decided to love and stay committed to your partner. Moreover, let them know how good she/he is, his/her family background, and everything you think they need to know about your partner.

The next thing is to ask them their own side of the story about your partner. Try to know their fear and why they think he/she isn’t right for you.

2.  Think through and analyze their fear and reason(s)

In some cases, their reason(s) may be genuine, and in another, it may not. Some of the most common reasons are

i.  Tribal sentiment

ii.  Health – For examples, genotype has been one of the major reason why some parents show a level of resistance.

iii.  History/background – If you parents happen to know about the family background of your partner and they are not satisfied, they may likely resist him/her.

iv.  Character or human relation – Some parents are very smart to detect a deceptive partner or someone with a bad character. And if they noticed an unhealthy behavior with your partner they may likely resist him/her.

v.  Financial status – Men who are financially broke have tendency to experience resistance from their partners’ parents

vi.  No reason – This is when they don’t just want to see his or her face: they just dislike him/her.


If you have thought about their reason(s) and you discovered they are not enough to resist your partner then you will have to go to your parents again and convince them to accept your partner. It is important your parents are in support of your relationship, by doing so, you are honoring them and you will attract their blessing.


However, if their reasons are genuine and need to be given further consideration then you shouldn’t throw their suggestion away. It will not be healthy for you if your partner is deceptive and your parents detected that but you are ‘blinded by love’ to go against their observation.


If you are still having issues with your parents accepting your partner you can consult the nearest relationship/marriage counselor.