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The top 5 problems facing online dating

According to Madden M (2006), finding an online date has become the fourth most popular strategic use of the web next to “work or school” (38%),”family and friends” (34%), “social gatherings” (13%). And as the population of internet users are increasing, the propensity of dating online will also increase. Most activities done offline are now gradually being transferred to online activities. In view of this, there is a need to discuss the likely problems that may be encountered while dating online.

It is a known fact that one can’t actually suggest the medium or platform where you will get your potential partner. And since the internet provides a platform where you can meet people of different races, different works of life, people who you may not easily get access to if not for the web, and people outside your normal social networks. There is a need for people to know how to use this medium effectively since there is a likelihood of getting a potential partner from it.

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Some of the importance of the internet that can’t be denied is its accessibility and easy communication. Accessibility and communication are some of the vital ingredients for a successful relationship which has made online dating tempting for people using the internet. But for every good development, there will be some problems associated with it.

The top 5 of the problems facing online dating are discussed below:

1.  Online dating is a fertile ground for deception

I love this quote that says “when there is deception there is no relationship” The tendency to deceive unsuspecting mind is high and it can be seen in the way people lie about their profile. For example, the profile used on social media when people are looking for a date is doctored so as to create an impression and to attract potential suitors. People lied about their work, age, and even use a Photoshop photographs just to attract people. Lol…, from experience, people make sure they upload their best pictures online and this is done after many edited versions.

2.  Inability to get people’s true emotion

The internet provides a medium for prompt communication and communication is very important in relationships. However, the internet hasn’t provided a room for non-verbal communication (partner’s body language, eye contact, hand gestures, and tone) but it is only the emoji (various standardized icons used in electronic messaging to express an emotion). Sometimes people send some emoji that doesn’t actually portray their true emotional state and they do so just to lie or exaggerate.

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3.  Constraints of meeting date in person

The fact that your potentials may be outside your geographical location makes it a little bit difficult to meet him or her in person. I don’t subscribe to dating that lacks face-to-face interaction. Although, tools like webcam, video calls, snap chat etc. have tried to compensate for but can’t achieve some vital information you can get via face-to-face contact. I wouldn’t have known that someone has a bad odor if I have not interacted with him in real life.

4.  Lazy and ill-advised decisions

When you are presented with a large array of potentials there is likelihood you make lazy decisions. And for you to have a healthy relationship there is a need for you to make the right decision. Decision making shouldn’t be based on the profile or the edited pictures but must be based on your deliberate action to know the person beyond the internet.

5.  The tendencies to meet potentials who are divorcees or aged people are high

According to a research carried out by Valkenburg (2007), suggests that people around 40 years of age are the most active online daters. He said that the explanation for this age is that it is relatively difficult for people of this age group to find a romantic partner through more traditional strategies.  And singles in this age group are relatively often divorced.