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4 ways to know when someone really loves you and committed to the relationship

Love is based on a commitment which requires steadfast fixity of purpose and sincerity of heart. Love is a decision and never mistaken it for a feeling.

Our culture has tried to redefine "love" as something that is limited to a feeling, but true love is something much greater than that.

In every healthy relationship, whatsoever you and your partner do flow from a sincere heart. And this is one of the greatest proofs of love.

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If someone really loves you, then:

(1)  It will give you what you need, even when you are not in a position to pay.
Love isn't self-seeking or reward driven. True love requires giving something to someone without thinking of receiving something in return.

Love can never be paid. Love can only be offered and received freely, without price or condition.
In contrast today we see many disguising to be in love, whereas they are only after their selfish interest. They only lavish money on a lady in a bid to lure her into sex. And the moment they discover the lady is not reciprocating their gesture, they begin to withdraw. This is never a love but selfishness.

(2)  Will work to heal your wounds and protect you from receiving new ones
When you love someone, you must be the person who wipes their tears, not who causes them!
If someone who has been a victim of broken relationship entered into a true love, he/she will soon forget all he has gone through. The new relationship becomes unto him/her like a balm of Gilead bringing total healing.

Love promotes healing of the past, peace in the present and protection for the future. This is how true love is recognized.

(3)  If someone loves you, it will help you to be better.
If that person really loves you, he will accept you at your worst while supporting you to become a better person.

When someone really loves you, it will not try to change you, but it will not let you stall without reaching the fullness that God thought for you.

There are some relationships that instead of bringing out the best in you make you worse than you once were. If you entered high, you soon become low. If you entered a virgin, your virginity is soon gone never to return again. Your self-discovery or development is never a point to them.
True love means being fully committed to someone, even when that person can’t be loved at that time.

If someone really loves you, they will believe in you, even in those moments when you also doubt yourself.

(4)  He/she will never leave you
Love is based on a commitment, not on what looks appropriate at the moment. Love is a decision, not a feeling. If someone really loves you, your commitment will last even in any circumstance of life.
A partner that lust after you only glue to you when things are rosy, but the moment the challenges of live rock on you, they vanish into a thin air never to return again. Next time you see them, they are in another cool place. For better or worse is never in their own dictionary.

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God shows us His Love, doing each of these four actions and calls us to do the same with each other.
If you are not sure how to begin, here is how we should love (directly from Source):

"Love is patient and shows understanding, love is not jealous, it does not appear or inflate, it does not act with baseness, it does not seek its own interest, it does not let itself be carried away by anger and it forgets the evil, it does not rejoice at the unjust, But he rejoices in the truth, and in spite of everything, he believes all things, expects all things, and bears all things " (1 Corinthians 13: 4-7)

Let yourself be guided by love in your life and you will always be on the right path.


The article is written by: Kehinde Pius O. (