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4 important things you need to do during dating period

Dating period is a period of romantic relationships in humans whereby two or more people meet socially, possibly as friends or with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in a more committed intimate relationship or marriage. It is not just a time to have fun but a time to really know each other suitability for an intimate relationship or marriage. However, this doesn't exclude the fun side of dating.

If dating period is utilized properly you don’t have to spend years to know whether he or she is your type of person. But in most cases, people forfeit the purpose of dating by using the period to engage in activities like going to an eatery and having fun.

Someone once asked a question “why do people change after getting married?” It is not as if people change after getting married; it is just that people use their dating period for the wrong purpose. My question has always been “what did you use your dating period to do?”

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Also the question of what should be the length of a relationship before marriage would have been answered by what dating period was used to achieve. You don’t need to spend donkey years with someone before you know whether he or she resonates with you.

I believe everyone has a way of knowing things instinctively, although, this is not a result of analytical or a rational thought. It is just a way people pick up valuable information subconsciously.

What are the four thing you actually need to during dating period:

1.  It is a period to talk and ask questions:

There are many things of things you can know when you talk and ask questions during a dating period. And the type of questions to ask must be relevant to the type of information you want to get. One of the best ways to know people is to ask them thoughtful questions.

2.  It is a period to observe behaviors:

This period can be maximized by observing behaviors and response to issues. The person's attitude and approach to life must also be check.

3.  It is a time to know whether he will be lively or boring. This can be known by how socially exposed he or she is and attitude towards going out for a fun: like watching movies together, visiting a recreational center, shopping together, etc.

4.  Pick up vibes:

A vibe is a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively. People pick up vibes from others by observing their interactions with other people, their decisions, their actions, how they treat their friends and family, their habits in general, their attitude in life, etc. People pick up vibes through their instinct since we are wired to decode things instinctively. If it is a positive vibe then you can easily resonate with the person and you can nurture each other.

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Knowing what to do during your dating period will save you from saying “yes” or proposing to a wrong person. Dating period must be used purposefully and it isn’t a time to mess around or engage only in fun-fair.