How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

She needs a man full of wisdom

I have discovered from experience that women appreciate when their men flow in wisdom. You may not fully understand what wisdom means to your wife until you start operating in it. Women like expressing their feelings in whatever they do and that is why they are emotional being. But they appreciate when a man manages his emotions. The greatest damage you can do to your home is to consistently operate emotionally.

Now, let me throw more light to the discussion. There are certain ways a woman behaves at home which show they are always overridden with emotion. For instance, maybe your day was hectic and after you got back home, you are tired and feel like taking a rest. And the first thing your wife expects from you is a warm affection and a gist about your day. It is not as if she doesn’t care about your how tired you are but she just wanted you to spice up the moment for her. Women love gist. But most men don’t pick up such signal from their wives rather they become aggressive and touchy at such moment. It requires some level of wisdom to pick up certain things about a woman and treat them like an egg that should not be broken.

Hmmm, I can hear some men saying “woman rapper”. I have come to realize that majority of tensions in relationships is because people don’t think deep and reason out logically. It is wrong for you to think that what is insignificant should also be seen as such by your wife. What makes individual happy and have a sense of ownership differs. One of the ways a woman feels she owns her husband is when he shows affection towards her. If affection is what she needs, don’t be arrogant not to give it to her. I can assure you that if you show affection to your wife, you will also receive affection from her.

In addition, a woman loves listening when her husband speaks especially when the man is making sense. You will be highly esteemed and respected when you speak intelligently during times you have a serious discussion. However, sometimes she will just need you to crack jokes with her and make the environment lively. Women hate a dull environment. If you are a boring man, try as much as possible to get lively. You don’t need to be like a lion at home that everyone will tremble at his coming. Oh, some men like that and they derive joy from such act. I don’t know what you gain in making your home tensed up and scary. Making your home like a lion's den will deprive you of the health benefit a joyful home has in stock for you. A joyful heart and home are like a medicine but a sad countenance or a sad home dries the bone.

Lastly, it takes wisdom to understand the unspoken words of a woman. There are many things she won’t utter but she will expect you to know. But you can only access them by wisdom. It is also possible she acts in a way that may not go well with you, but firstly, see through her lens and apply wisdom to make her see your displeasure.