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How to cope with a woman with a successful career in a marriage

The potential threat the career of a woman can cause to her marriage especially if her husband isn’t as successful as she is has always been a point of discussion. Moreover, some single men are even afraid to marry a woman who is successful in their chosen career than them. Some believe that the norm is husbands “should” hold higher job status relative to their wives. When this norm is violated, and wives hold the higher status job, negative consequences can follow: Women are more likely to be targets of husbands’ aggression, and the risk for divorce increases. Although, people who are highly successful – and therefore have higher income potential – are more likely to choose each other as spouses.

Question: is it a crime for a woman to succeed in her chosen field or earn more?

Why many people may suggest that it is not a crime for a woman to be successful, majority may think it will be a stumbling block to a happy home. Perhaps the woman gets married; the husband will be tagged as an opportunist or a gold digger: sometimes you hear statement like “he marries her because of her money and not for love”

One thing I have noticed in my environment is that some parents will even advice their daughter to appear unsuccessful before they can get a suitor. I know of a lady who her parents advice to always go to work with a public transport instead of her personal car. The parents gave such suggestion because their daughter has a challenge getting the right suitor, although, she has a very good job and she is doing very well in her chosen field. They believe the only way out of her present relationship woes is to appear unsuccessful. But do women need to appear unsuccessful before they can get the right suitor? 

Moreover, some marriages crashed or experience threat the moment the woman becomes more successful than her husband. But in some cases, a woman will have to give up her career to save her marriage.

From my own point of view, your spouse’s career growth or high status should not be a threat to your relationship. 

Firstly, what you should focus on as a man is how you can match up with your wife’s high status. It is better when you and your spouse are both successful. So work harder to achieve success and to have a higher income potential. 

Secondly, wives should not feel embarrassed by or resentful of their spouses’ lower job status, and should not allow the fear that their status could be compromised by that of their husbands. You should try to assist your husband to achieve a higher and better status. Also always hold him in high esteem respect and submit to him despite his low status.

In addition, don’t be intimidated by your wife’s success, always maintain your confidence and your leadership role at home. You must always look composed and act responsibly at home. Make every effort to meet up with your financial obligation to your family.

Lastly, let there be mutual understanding. As a leader in your family, you must devise a means of how the structure of your home will be and how it will be run. And this must be to you and your wife’s benefit