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How much my monthly income should be before getting married?

Finances and having a family can’t be separated. It is what a man needs for him to take care of the responsibilities of his family. A man that fails in his duty to provide the basic needs of his family is called an irresponsible man. For this reason, many young guys that are due to marry are afraid because they think their income can only cater for them.

Moreover, unemployment or under-employment also contributes to reasons why some men failed to give marriage a consideration. 

Men have a perception that a woman likes comfort and love some amenities to be in place before she walks down the aisle by any man. If a man fails to provide those amenities, the marriage may go through a lot of troubles.

The idea of buying a car, building a house, owning a company etc. is also a major stumbling block to getting married. Because men feel these are what he should have before getting married. And he believes they will give a kind of security to his wife.

From the best of my knowledge, women should be taking care of, make them feel secure, do things that will boost their self-confidence and make life good for them. Now, a responsible man must know he needs to give his wife comfort. The question now is how much should be my income before I can fulfill that obligation? I may not be able to give a direct answer to this because there are some factors that point me to the right answer. Some of these factors are:

1.  The taste of your fiancée

If your fiancée demands a lot and has a taste for high things, then you need to work more on your income. I don’t think a thirty thousand naira monthly income can help you in meeting that demand. You will need to buckle up in order to increase your income, for you to prevent your marriage from facing some troubles.

But if your fiancée doesn’t give a damn about expensive and high things, with proper planning you can still manage together with such amount without many troubles. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t as a man work on how your income will increase. You should understand that with time demands changes and you need your income to meet those changes. If your income still remains the same for a very long time, your wife may start having issues with you.

 2.  Planning and budgeting skill

If your income is five hundred thousand naira monthly but you lack planning and budgeting skill, a man with a hundred thousand naira with planning skill may do live better than you. So your money management skill will help you regardless of what you earn now.

If you love spending money on frivolities then you may have serious challenges with your finances. Spending extravagantly may make you irresponsible to your core duties at home.

No matter your income you can start a home, but make effort to increase your monthly income. You shouldn’t be complacent about your income and think there is nothing you can do about it. Money in most cases answers to all things.