How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

The gift of Love

Every human has the capacity to love because love is quite different from feelings and emotion. You know it’s possible you love and lack the feelings? Nothing can frustrate love like inability to express it. Our feelings, emotion or compassion are what gives love expression i.e. to be seen. Love without feelings or quality emotional affection is dead. What makes our relationship interesting is the expression we give our love.
Come to think of it if I promised you a gift on your birthday, how do you know my gift if I never hand it over to you? Ability to hand it over is the truth of my promise.

Principe of Expression
To keep a relationship or your marriage alive there is more we will do than just telling each other I love you. That you know you love her or him does not stop you from cheating or your mind being stolen by another partner. The cause of cheating in love relationship in our world lays in the inability to separate the function of mind and heart in relation to love.

Two things are important in love relationship
1.     Your mind: Our mind holds the expression of love. In fact our mind does more work in keeping a relationship alive than our heart. Lays in our mind is feelings, emotions, passion, sensitivity, touches etc. these responses are major to our partner who cannot see our heart but can perceive how deep rooted our love for them via the expression of the mind. Cheating is first a mind issues mostly no one wants to hurt love but you just find yourself in the mess. Broken marriages start with misappropriation of mind in love relationship. When the mind loses the power of expression it will soon cheat.

2.     Your heart: Our heart is the unionism of love relationship. Every male or female knows who they love from day one. The heart plays the role of identifying sincerity of our love while the mind plays the role of acceptability. For instance, you might love the person but hate his or her sexual life. Maybe your partner can’t satisfy your emotional need even though you love from heart but from mind there are obstacles. Mostly, obstacles from mind are what cause breakups. We all have taste and you cannot bypass it or else the consequences might be bad.

Therefore love is from the unseen world and can only be seen by the processing capacity or ability of the soul. How attractive the result of the gift will be depends solely on the soul.

When love finds expression from soul only death can separate.

Expression in our world:

Acceptability: Do you know that what humans accept isn’t the gift rather the person. How you present yourself matters a lot in love relationship. We lose precious people in our lives because of lack of presentation. Our skillfulness plays a vital role in keeping our relationship alive. Things can get boring sometimes but our ability in bringing life to it is what makes it wonderful. Until life flows into our relationship it won’t experience fulfillment Fulfillment in relationship is how much life was felt not years. Acceptability is a product of expression not the gift itself.

       Skillfulness in speech: So many of us have the gift of love with poor communication skill to express it. Our speech is the sustaining power of the gift of love. It carries the vision and life in you. Couples have to be more dynamic on daily basis to keep the mind from losing the love from the heart. When the mind loses connection it can connect to another love from another source (heart). If your partner doesn’t believe in you, it is not your gift in doubt, rather our presentation portrays unbelief.

Developing skillfulness in speech

If you don’t want to lose your relationship or marriage you get to improve in this area. It’s your best bet of sustaining your relationship.

Historical background: Learning to talk from historical background is one of the ways of proving your skillfulness in speech. Learn to talk to your partner on historical lineage, be vast in it. Dragging the memory of humans to history has always proven to possess the ability in dissolving mindset your listener might have gotten concerning you. The emotional system in females in decision making goes a long way in getting their acceptability.

Trend: Talk to each other based on trend of things in your environment. Don’t just be discussing about yourselves alone, sooner it will get boring. Learn to relate to your environment by either traveling to new places or talk about new subject matters. Make every day count; make each day have its own expectation from your partner. 

Expectation builds our desires don’t forget.

Planting: Every human is a product of what has been planted in them. There are times you sing for each other or even compose a poem and send to his/her phone.

Note: To keep love alive is a deliberate work.