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What should be the age difference between married couples?

There have been different discussions about the issue of the age difference between couples. But there has not been a consensus of what the difference should be. Although, a majority believe it should be minimum of two years and maximum of seven years. But this is subjective and it does mostly depend on how individual view it. Moreover, some groups believe age difference shouldn’t be criteria, therefore, either the man is older than the wife or the wife is older than the husband, there is no cause for alarm. This is frown at by people who believe age difference is very important. In fact, women in this category affirm they can’t marry a man that is old to be their father or a man they are older than.

However, there are reasons people choose a particular age difference. Therefore, there are different categories of the age difference. And the reasons for the choice are discussed below.


*This chat shows the percentage of age difference between a husband and the wife. The analysis is purely experiential and it represents what is obtainable in my environment. It is not accurate because it is not based on a scientific research*

Husband being moderately older than the wife
From the chat, it has the highest percentage.  The reasons people in this group give are:
     1.        It is the most popular and has become a culture in our society.
     2.        If the husband is moderately older than the wife (minimum of two years and maximum of seven years), they tend to relate better.
     3.       Women feel more comfortable with men that are moderately older than them because they believe they are peers.  
     4.       There is a level of freedom one enjoys.
     5.       One will enjoy the relationship longer and better his or her partner.

Husband is very old compare to the wife’s age

This is when the age difference is more than 10 years. It is common to see this among men who want to marry more than one wife. The reasons people in this category give are:
     1.       “Fresh blood” perception: men in this category believe women who they are more than ten years older than will have a little or no sexual exposure. Thus, she will still be fresh, active and beautiful.
     2.       Women in this category believe older men are more caring and also are financially stable to take care of their wives.
         3.    It is easy for a woman to submit to a man who is older by ten years or more.


The remaining categories aren’t common when compare with the first two categories. Although, it is not a bad idea to marry a woman who is slightly older than you provided she has decided to respect and submit to your leadership. 

At this point, I will suggest you primarily consider the love and maturity of the person you a going into a relationship with before putting his or her age into consideration. A man of 35 years old may not be as matured as a man of 25 years old. Maturity is not about age but it is about his or her emotional, social, financial, spiritual and social state. These five states must be put into consideration before his or her age comes to play.

Lastly, follow your heart. I believe if you are matured enough, then, you will know what is good for you.  Also, make sure you are free of worry and anxiety when you are about to make your choice.