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Why are you making life miserable for me? – A woman lets out agonizing screams

As sweet as a marriage can be, it can also be a source of sorrow and agony if the sweetness has become sour. The sourness may be because some things went wrong and unchecked. For this reason, the home becomes a hell for the wife or the husband.

This article is about what some women are passing through in their matrimonial home. Some of them are our friends, sisters, aunts, and relatives who no longer see life as interesting because of what they are passing through in their marriage. They are living corpse who has lost all hope of ever having a happy home. Their husbands deserted them because of some reasons which may include a newly found love.

Husbands, why did you prefer to leave your wives and children to follow a strange woman?

Some of the stories I have heard on some of the sufferings women pass through in marriage are tragic. A friend narrated a story of a woman whom her husband left with a disabled son. Actually, the son became disabled as a result of an illness. The illness wouldn’t have resulted in such condition if the father has been responsible and around with his family. He was on his usual outing looking for a love, left the home for many weeks and was unable to attend to issues in his home. The woman was unable to prevail over the situation because she was incapacitated financially. In fact, she tried her best possible but the illness had a great effect on their son. Every now and then the wife fast and pray to God so as to change the heart of her husband.

Dear husband, why must you be a prayer point of your wife at all time? Are you so inhumane?
That family has three children and the wife is the one taking responsibility of the children. Our culture in Nigeria does stigmatize any woman that divorce. So divorce is not an option for Nigerian women because of fear of being stigmatized. And that is why they endure a lot in an abusive marriage.

 The next story is about a man that regularly beats his wife and turns her to slave. Not only that, he sent his wife and the children packing. 

Husband, why have you forgotten, the wow you made to her? You said through thick and thin you will be there for her. Don’t tell me the wow of love is to deceive everyone present on your wedding day and not actually from your heart. Why did you make her world to crumble because of your selfish lifestyle?

There are different reasons why some men decide to engage in such a heartless decision. Some of the reasons are:

1. Searching for a male child

This looks funny because it is the man gene that decides the sex of the child. Why have you put the blame on the woman?

2. Infidelity on the part of the man

3. When he feels he married wrongly and no longer compatible 

4. When the woman no longer interest him

None of the reasons above are genuine enough to make your wife and children go through the emotional stress. You have turned them to a destitute. Even if you think the strong emotion you had for you wife had run off, fake the emotion for the sake of the family until the emotion comes back. Always consider your wife and children in every of your decision. Everything shouldn’t be about yourself; try to make a sacrifice for your family. Even, if it means giving your life for them. Life is about sacrifice and the same should be true for marriage. 

Love is a decision and not a reflex action. Most of what some people call love is a reflex action: they think they have no control over it because it is a reaction to a stimulus. 

Dear husband, decide to love your wife and the emotion will follow. Regardless of your reasons, Love her and make life worth living for her.