How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Take this quiz to know whether he loves you and right for you

1.  How often does he text or call you?

   A.      Everyday
   B.      Thrice in a week
   C.      Once in two weeks
   D.      When he feels like
   E.       Not at all

2.  Who text or call the most?

   A.      He calls more than I do
   B.      I call more than he does
   C.      Equally

3.  Who always initiate conversation (over whatsapp/Phone)?

   A.      We haven’t spoken yet
   B.      He always initiate conversation- the moment he sees anything that makes him think of me, he chat me up on whatsapp or call on phone
   C.      I always initiate conversation
   D.      He only call or chat me up if I call him first- and even then he is always dry of what to say

4.  Has he ever say words like “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, “sexy”, “tantalizing”, “fantastic” to you?

   A.      Often
   B.      Occasionally
   C.      Rarely

5.  Is he appreciative?

   A.      Yes
   B.      No

6.  Is he in relationship with anyone else now?

   A.      Yes and he seems happy with her
   B.      Yes and doesn’t seem happy with her
   C.      No, but he just broke up with her.
   D.      No , completely single

7.  Has he invested into the relationship?
   A.      Yes, but not much
   B.      Yes, he has done a lot
   C.      Not at all

8.  Can you say he is committed?
A.      Yes
B.      I am not really sure
C.      No

9.  Do you think he likes you?

   A.      Yes
   B.      I am not really sure
   C.      No

10.  When you send him a message, how long does it take him to reply?

   A.      Immediately he sees the message
   B.      Some hours after he has seen the message
   C.      The following day
   D.      He do neglect my messages

11.  Does he like listening to you when you talk?

   A.      Yes
   B.      Not sure
   C.      No

12.  Does he value your opinion?

   A.      Yes
   B.      No

13.  Are you free to browse through his phone?

   A.      Ha!, No – it is not possible
   B.      Yes, he has no secret- he is open
   C.      He password some section of his phone
   D.      I don’t even understand, sometimes he allows and sometimes he doesn’t 

14.  Does he joke around with you or tease you?

   A.      Sometimes, but only when I am laughing with him
   B.      No, he is really boring
   C.      No, he is introvert
   D.      Yes, we always have a nice time and I do enjoy his joke

15.  Which of this options best describe him?

   A.      Difficult to understand
   B.      Quiet and logical
   C.      Blunt and dominance
   D.      Aggressive and hot-tempered
   E.       Energetic, lively and happy

16.  Has there been an occasion where you have reasons to doubt he is interested in you?

   A.      I feel like I am the only one putting in effort into the relationship
   B.      No, he in committed to this relationship
   C.      Yes, he is only interested in sex

17.  Has he ever demanded for sex?

   A.      Yes, that is what he is after
   B.      Occasionally when his body ask for it
   C.      No, he feels like having sex but he is shy to ask
   D.      No. he controls himself when he feels the urge

18.  What is the nature of your conversation?

   A.      We do flow with each other
   B.      Our conversation is about sex
   C.      It is about our personal development and to get to know each other better
   D.      Our conversation is always dry

19.  Who has he introduced you to?

   A.      His parents, friends and people that matters to him
   B.      Only his friends
   C.      He hasn’t introduced me to anybody
   D.      By chance he introduced me casually to his roommates and a friend we run into

20.  Does he easily get distracted when ladies pass by him?

   A.      Occasionally
   B.      All the time, in fact he likes women
   C.      No

21.  Has he ever felt tired of the relationship?

   A.      Yes
   B.      No
   C.      Once- the time we had serious misunderstanding

22.  How often do you have misunderstanding?

   A.      Frequently
   B.      Rarely

23.  Does he like taking you out?

   A.      Yes
   B.      Once
   C.      No, he is always busy

24.  How old is he?

   A.      below 18
   B.      18-25
   C.      26-30
   D.      31-40
   E.       41-45
   F.       Above 45

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