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What are the necessary requisites and plans when preparing for a marriage

There are important things that must be discussed and iron out when preparing for marriage. These must be giving priority due to their tendency to pose a serious threat to the peace of your home.  From my observation, I found out that some marriages do face troubles in their early stage because they failed to have adequate plans. Moreover, the healthiness of your marriage depends on how well you and your partner look into those areas. Most marriage counselors do advise potential couples to look into areas like finances, where to live etc. but most time people don’t take them seriously. They look at it as nontrivial. If your marriage means a lot to you and you care about it, then you must look into the following areas I want to discuss:


Finances are the backbone of the marriage. A marriage that is not buoyant financially may experience money related issues. Money is important in marriage because of the role it plays: money get your bills paid. It is important that a man must have a job at hand before going into a marriage. The income of the man must be able to cater for the family if the man is the only one with a job. In most cases, I do advise the wife to work for diversification of her skills and talent.

In addition, it is good to have a saving as a family. You and your partner must decide on the amount to save monthly. This will require that you have a family budget. Budgeting helps you to plan effectively.

Who is to be responsible? Is it the man or the woman? or will you and your partner share the responsibilities? This must be ironed out by you and your partner.

Where to live 

Where you and your partner will reside depend majorly on the location of you and your partner working place. The two of you have nothing to worry about if you both work at the same location. But it is a challenge if both of you work at different locations. This is another area you must both look into before you get married.

Number of children

I believe you will not want to give birth to children you won’t be able to cater for. You must know the number of children your partner want and compare the numbers with yours. If there is disparity try to sort it out.

The health of your children should be important to you and your partner. You and your partner must know and discuss your genotype. If there are some issues about it, seek medical advice before going into marriage.

Sexual life

You and your partner must be willing to discuss your sexual life. Let your partner know if you are a virgin or non-virgin. This kind of discussion will show to your partner that you are open. There may be troubles if your partner gets to know about your sexual life after marriage. Let him or her be aware.

Likes and dislikes

Discussing your likes and dislikes with your partner will help your marriage to succeed. Do not portray yourself as “everything goes well with me”. Let your partner knows what you can frown at.