How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Make her happy by meeting her emotional needs

This article is for the married men. Some marriages are facing troubles because of the failure of some men to understand their partner’s emotional needs. There are emotional needs of the woman that the man must meet, so also the man. But I will be discussing the emotional needs of women. A proper understanding of these needs will help you to have a happy home. As a man, you must understand that your wife is different from you in terms of her emotional needs. I have discovered from experience that women enjoy having a conversation with their husbands. Women  love to express their cares, worries, views etc. to their husbands. However, there will be issues if men fail to attend to those needs. Men that understand this simple need don’t usually have issues with their wives.

For instance, by nature, I am a man of few words and I don’t enjoy a long conversation. However, when I got married, I noticed that my wife love sharing her daily happenings with me but having such long discussion was hard on me. It is like I have to painfully grit my teeth. She became aware of my unconcerned attitude to her discussion. Um, men are sometimes like this. Her enthusiasm to have a conversation with me was being drained by my attitude daily. This happened during the first few months of our marriage. There was a time she expressed her displeasure about my nonchalant attitude to her emotional need, which I believe has the capacity of draining the happiness of my home. Immediately I adjusted and since then I discovered that you can only make your wife happy by attending to her needs.

Listed below are four basic needs of women in marriage:


I learned from my wife, my mother and my uncle’s wife that women like to be heard. They love to share their worries, views, concerns etc. especially with their husband. Moreover, they want you to be interested in what they say regardless of the nature of their conversation. Men you have to be lively at home because they love it. Women dislike a boring home: this is a situation where the man fails to have a conversation with his wife. You are killing your wife gradually if you make the home boring. As a man, you have to meet this need and make her happy. Not only that, you will know more about each other when you discuss alot. Show me a couple that is best of friends and I will show you a couple that likes discussing with each other.


This means you are not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent. 
They want a man that is honest. One of the ways you can kill your marriage is when your wife 
perceive that you aren’t reliable: when you hide a lot of things from her. 
Openness and honesty is a good ingredient to a happy home.
Treat them with care and affection. Speak and express love to them. 
You will make them feel like a woman when you are tender with them.
It is the responsibility of a man to provide the financial, social and spiritual need of the home. 
Most unhealthy marriages have one thing in common: an irresponsible man. 
Issues will always arise at home when husbands fail to fulfill their responsibilities.
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