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How your choice affects the quality of your relationship

It is your own volition to make a selection from a number of alternatives. When it comes to choosing, you are responsible for the kind of choice you made. And your choice depends on you. Although, your choice can be influenced by some factors, which are:

Family background

Your background has an influence on your choice of partner. For example, if you happen to have an irresponsible father then you will want to be extra careful in your choice of partner. In addition, a woman from a wealthy background may have difficulties getting along with a man from a poor background. In this light, your background plays a major role in your choice of partner.

Social exposure

Your exposure gives you a number of alternatives when you are about to take a decision on who to marry. There is a way your social exposure shapes your decision making: it may be positive or negative depending on other factors you put in place to help your decision making. A man that is socially exposed may not want to choose a woman who lacks exposure. Hence the saying, “birds of a feather flocks together”


Education is another factor that can affect your choice of partner. It is a popular saying that education is light. Therefore the enlightenment you have received shapes and conditioned your mind when it comes to the choice of who to marry. Rarely will you find an educated woman getting married to an uneducated man?

Religious belief

Religious belief also influences your choice of partner. Every religion has its own teaching and ways of life. So the differences in the teaching will shape your mind and form your decision.


Someone ones said, “Show me your friend and I will tell you the kind of person you are”. The kind of friends you keep will have an influence on your choice because friends are opinion molder. If you are moving with high-class friends then the probability that your partner will be high-class will be high and vice-versa.


How you view life will also influence your decision. Your world view tells a lot about your choice of partner. A woman who views the world as a place of fun will be attracted to a man who will make her world funfair.


Ethnicity is also a major factor that influences one's choice of partner. The way one ethnic group views another ethnic group will determine whether there can be inter-marriage between them. It is always difficult to choose from an ethnic group that has been blacklisted. Such ethnic group comes to one's mind when making relationship decision.

Examining the listed factor, one could say the quality of your relationship is a function of your choice. A marital relationship is a state of connectedness between two people. And it is established based on the decision you and your partner made. Being in a relationship is a result of one's choice of a partner which was fueled by some factors.

Therefore, before you make your choice, firstly, examine those factors that may influence your choice of partner. And make sure they are right factors that will guide you into making the right choice.