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He loves me but he hasn’t proposed to me

There is a likelihood that two opposite sex may have a strong feeling for each other when they are close. The degree of the feeling may vary between them. The partner with the strongest feeling may be troubled as to why his partner hasn't proposed to her. One of the questions on her mind may be “why has he not proposed to me, though, I perceive he loves me?”. This question may persist until there is an answer.

I will be focusing on ladies in this article because a question like this is common among them.

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It is important that you must know that there are certain levels where closeness can lead to a strong emotional feeling. The feeling should not be mistaken for love. You should be able to separate feeling from love for you to ascertain that he loves you. He should be willing and ready to propose to you if he truly wants to go into a relationship with you. If you are really sure he loves you, read further to understand some of the things that may refrain him from proposing to you.

Moreover, you must create the right atmosphere for him to freely express himself. 

I will try to discuss some of the restraints:


Hope your attitude has not refrained him from expressing his mind? Maybe there are certain behaviors of yours, he is not yet satisfied with, and he is waiting for the time you will change. Although, love is not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs. But going into a relationship with a person with such attitude may be like going to hell. Check your attitude if it is not the stumbling block on his way.


The way you live may not be okay with him. Guys may be careful of ladies that live an expensive lifestyle. Ladies' expensive lifestyle scares men away from ladies they could have married. In addition, you like partying and hanging around the wrong kinds of places which he may dislike. Lifestyles like this may stop him from proposing to you. Looking before you leap is an important key when going into a relationship.


Some guys have a phobia to propose to a lady. Fear makes some men ask questions like “what if she says No or what if my proposal affects our friendship or won’t my proposal annoys her?” Once a guy is afraid of the unfavorable outcome of his proposal, he may decide to keep the thought to himself.


Going into a relationship may not be his present priority. There is time for everything in life, time to sow, time to reap, time for personal growth, time to court and time to marry. The time factor is important in life. Moreover, a man’s attention will be where his mind is.


One of the two families may be showing displeasure in your friendship and this may affect his decision in proposing to you.

Note: It is important that you define your relationship to avoid getting emotionally attached. When your friendship is defined you may likely not get entangled emotionally.