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7 qualities of a good wife every man wants

This article is not an attempt to create a picture of a perfect woman nor was it written to condemn anyone. But it is written out a heart to highlight qualities women should work towards for them to be good wives. There is this saying “anything worth doing at all is worth doing well”. If you desire to be a wife, thrive to be a good wife. By doing so, you will be respected by your husband, children and everyone around you. The desire of every man is to have a woman he can be proud of.

For you to be your husband's favorite, you need to look into the following qualities and embrace them:

She can be trusted

There is a level of confidence one has in a good wife: you are sure she isn’t adulterous and also keeps whatever is committed into her hand. Some women have disappointed their husbands, so he can’t commit anything into their hands due to their ways of life. These women are not in the class of good wives because they haven’t earned the trust of their husbands. Moreover, trust is earned and not a gift. You would have been tested in different ways without a failure before you can earn your husband’s trust.

She is not spiteful

Some women are guilty of being spiteful especially towards their in-laws. They don’t have a nudge to accommodate or help their in-laws. By doing so, they watch them suffer. But for you to be a good wife, you must not feel that your in-laws should suffer, regardless of what you might have heard about them. And not only to your in-laws but to anyone that comes to you for help. Your willingness to solve people’s problem will make you stand out among women.

She is a homemaker

A good wife is up before dawn, prepares breakfast for her family and organizes her day. Nothing catches her unaware because she has planned ahead. In addition, she is skilled in the craft of home and diligent in homemaking. Lastly, she keeps an eye on everyone in her household and keeps them all busy and productive.

She is prudent in spending

She has a sound knowledge of the scale of preference: what she should buy and what she should not according to the family needs is her priority. You can’t see her spending extravagantly because she knows the family needs to invest, for the family to have a buoyant financial income.

She is industrious

She characterized by hard work and perseverance. Laziness isn’t her way of life because she gives her best to everything she does.

Her word is seasoned

When she speaks, she has something worthwhile to say and she always says it kindly. You can’t hear a perverse word from her nor can you hear frivolities from her. This makes her a model and source of inspiration to people around. Moreover, there is a healing in her word: comfort, encouragement, motivation, correction and advice in whatever she says.

She approaches every day with a smile

She is used to a life without worry and frets. She is always hopeful for every new day, thus, she smiles a lot. This implies that she approaches life with confidence and simplicity.

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