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7 leadership qualities a good husband should possess

One of the responsibilities of a man is to lead his wife and children alright. The leadership qualities the man possesses are the determining factor for his success as a husband and father. A leader gives the model and structure to be followed. A home without a structure is meant to fail. For you to save your home from failing there is a need for you to provide good leadership to your family. You are the one your wife and children are looking up to, so don't fail them.

Leadership is about influence. You lead by influencing your wife and children positively and not by domineering. Some men lead forcefully by becoming a dictator at home. This kind of leadership can’t get the positive result you desire to see in your home. However, if you provide a good model then you will achieve a good result.

What you need to know about of a good leader:
  • A good leader motivates, doesn't mislead, doesn't exploit.
  • Good leaders abhor wrongdoings of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation
  • Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love advisors who tell them the truth. 
  • An intemperate leader wreaks havoc in lives; you're smart to stay clear of someone like that. 
  • Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they are like spring rain and sunshine.
As the head of the family, providing good leadership at home will help to guide your children alright, invigorate their lives and give them a good moral foundation.

Many homes are in troubles because of failed leadership. The rate of divorce would have reduced if the husband has taken the bull by the horn through making the home coordinated, happy and peaceful. A happy home isn’t a difficult task if the man determines to provide the right leadership and make the marriage work.

Qualities of a Good Husband

7 leadership qualities a good husband must possess:

  • He protects his family
I believe the first thing a man needs to do is to protect the image of his family. This can be achieved if he provides the financial, spiritual, social, and physical need of his family. A man becomes irresponsible if he fails to meet these needs.
  • He is a motivator
He needs to appreciate his wife and children for their contributions towards the success of the family. One thing I have noticed about women is they love being encouraged and appreciated for their input. When you appreciate a woman you are encouraging her to keep up the good works.
  • He is a good listeners and values his wife’s opinion
Ego makes some men not to welcome their wives opinion. You can’t succeed as a leader if you always relegate people’s opinion. A good leader welcomes all opinion irrespective of who is airing the view. Your wife is an important part of you whose views and opinions must be welcome.
  • He is temperate
You must not be harsh with your wife. Correction must always be done with love.
  • He doesn’t believe he can succeed alone
Poor leadership believes you can succeed without your followers. However, a good husband believes he can’t succeed without his family support.
  • He is a man of integrity
His words and actions don’t contradict: he will do what he says and says what he will do. 
  • He is a lover of truth
He loves truthful feedbacks. Whenever his wife intimates him of his wrongdoings, he accepts and makes an amendment.
  • He is tolerant
You need to tolerate your wife regardless of her attitude or behavior towards you.

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