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10 signs that your partner truly loves you

Are you confuse and have started doubting the love of your partner?

The question above needs answer to allay the fear and bring comfort to your heart. It is possible that this question will keep bubbling in your heart because of the deceitful nature of man. Relationships won’t even be a subject to discuss if everybody has got it right. Men pretend likewise women. Some people view relationships as looking for a pearl in a black-market: everything is shady. However, there are signs to look out for that will assure you that he truly loves you. 

It is apparent that issues like this will not cross your mind at the early stage of your relationship because the feeling is strong. Now as time goes on, the feeling is fading away and doubt has filled your heart on the genuineness of your partner's love. One thing I will reiterate here is that feeling isn't the same with love. It is proper that you and your partner feel good about each other. Moreover, you can’t love someone without feeling good about him or her: it is just that love is deeper than a feeling.

As a matter of fact, having doubt is a sign that something is wrong and you need to know your position in his heart. Your life and future are at stake.

The 10 signs below will help you to ascertain his or her love for you

He/she is sincere

Sincerity is the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. He must always affirm his commitment to the relationship. In addition, he must not be secretive: he is transparent.

He/she values and respects you

Value is about how much you mean to him. If you mean a lot to him, he truly loves you. Moreover, your partner loves you if you are dear to his heart and he respects you.

He/she communicates effectively with you

If he loves you, he will take communication seriously. He will want to discussion with you and listen to you. Listening is a vital part of communication and the greatest problem with communication is we don't listen to understand. So he listen to understand you.

He/she is encouraging and Supportive

If your success in life is his priority then he truly loves you. A man that doesn’t encourage and support your dream can’t claim he loves you. He is only deceiving you if he makes only the mouth confession of love without acting it.

He/she has Integrity

His word and action are consistent. He won’t say “I love you” and do what will hurt you. When doing what is right in the relationship is his priority, it means he truly loves you.

He/she believes in you

He truly loves you if he believes in you and in your dream. A man that doesn't believe in your future doesn't deserve your love.

He/she is appreciative

One way relationships start to suffer is that when the passion starts to fizzle, the partners become less appreciative and nag a lot. When your partner sees more of your fault than your strength, his acclaimed love is fake. Encouraging words must not be lacking in a healthy relationship.

He/she corrects you in love

He doesn’t condemn you but rather correct you in love. Correction done out of love is condemnation while correction done in love makes you a better person.

He/she is proud of you

If he attaches importance to you and makes a boast of you among his friends and family, it shows that he truly loves you. He must not be ashamed to identify with you. 

He/she is caring

I believe anything you care for must be guided jealously. He truly loves you if he looks after and provides for your needs.