How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

What you need to know when preparing for relationship

Your relationship can be beautiful if it is well prepared for and understood by both parties. It’s full of experiences and in fact an adventure if you long for one. There is a kind of euphoria anytime young people are about to enter into a relationship. The experience can sometimes be pleasurable or painful depending on the characters involved. The fact is that it is not always blues as you see it in movies; there are realities you will face when you are in. Don’t be clouded with what you read in romance books and what you watch in movies because you may meet what you don’t bargain for. I will like to highlight some of the unhealthy approaches that may not help your relationship to be adventurous as you desired.


Too much expectation is highly disastrous in a relationship. It is good to be expectant but too much of it put pressure on your partner which may crack him/her from the inside. You need to understand that expectation has a huge effect when it’s too much. It can create a burden for your partner in a quest of making you happy. True lovers will always want to get things done for their partner irrespective of the hurt, but you have to be careful of silent hurt that your partner is facing to get things done. If you are not mindful of such pressure you will break your lover and watch him/her crack out. Is not that your lover isn’t genuine at first but rather you frustrated it.

 I have never seen kind of relationship last for long because pressure has a tendency to mar the relationship. Real productivity in a relationship is by patience. Instead of expectation change it to goal or vision which makes it convenient for you and your partner having it in mind that your partner is not yet there but will get there. Having expectation is good when you know the other party has the ability to fulfilling it. You have to put your expectation to a vision and this doesn’t lower your standard rather make it convenient for the other party.

For example:

A girl might desire a guy that will be opening car doors, care for her, have cars, houses, good work etc. This may be your dream for your relationship and yet the man in front of you seems not to possess all but inside of you, you know he is a man with values. You may have to give him time to come to that your dream level.

Jumping the Oceans

 I must confess to you every true lover will want to do crazy things because your happiness is what they are really looking for. But you must know when to say “Dear” you don’t have to do that I’m ok i.e. Say no just to ease him of the stress. You see he pretend as if he doesn’t like it but deep inside of him you just earn a respect. Vice versa

One man show:

I must point out this to you if you ever want to have a sweet relationship. There is no one on this earth that doesn’t like to be cared for. Your relationship should not be a one man show; every finger must be inside the pot to bring delicious meal. No matter how small your resources might be, just get involve in spending yours. It’s true that each party involve might have different financial status but yet make a contribution. Don’t forget it’s according to your status. If you are not ready to involve your financial status please step out.

Life is Involve

 You must count the cost before you step into the waters. Life is involved; breaking someone’s love life can cost such the very essence of being. It’s not a child’s play. Think about it very well, people commit suicide because of a broken relationship. Those who do not commit suicide had cracks, holes, and wounds that are still bleeding today even with powder on their faces you can smell the hurt. Therefore know what you are dealing with.

Erase the Preconceived Knowledge

This is one of the most dangerous forces in a relationship. This can destroy a relationship in a wink of an eye. That your aunty husband hurt her doesn’t mean your own guy or girl will do the same. Technically speaking what surrounds you is 90percent negative when it comes to a relationship. And there are chances of you applying the preconceived ideas of dealing with your partner based on what you have heard. That will be the beginning of issues in your relationship. Nowadays, it is common to hear Males are cheater and Females are money driving but asked yourself are you either? If you are, then you aren’t going to benefit your partner.

   Love tends to secrete sweetness via memories of unchanging stand for each other. How powerful love can be when it begins to reflect its reality via memories.
The true love you are looking for comes via sharing pains of each other even though the female world has a misconception of this view. Sharing pains don’t mean suffering pains. The relationship is for enjoyment (bearing each other’s burden) not enduring rigorous suffering through maltreatment, beating etc. It is meant to lift troubles out of you not adding to it.