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Understanding love,sex and relationship

Hard to understand is the nature of human beings, our mood isn’t static and this is because our structural composition is highly complex and yet can be handled if you pay attention to it. I will speak on one of them:

Love, sex, relationship

Remembering the pains and hurt of love can turn your happiness into sadness. And most of the time the state of our feelings/emotion dictate the outcome of sex, unfortunately, sex has been misused or abused in our society and we no longer understand its functions again, therefore, sex has become:
A tool to suppress burden/fear

It’s been from the ancient times that sex has become a tool for lifting burdens or fear in humans. In today’s society, a little stress in the male will make him go for sex as an option to suppress the hunt inside him. And of course, stress is part of tools introduced by socio-system, which is the cause of emotional disorder in both males and females. Note: Unless you manage your daily activities very well stress will be inserted into your emotional system and your sex life will go into misery. One of the bad effects of socio-system in our society is bad sex life.

The system is full of pressure and stress, a set of daily activities that tense human's system which leads young men to masturbation (A sign of emotional disorder caused by internal stress and pressure) and unfortunately socio-system is wired with such. Some ladies believe sex can be used to tame a man because of fear of losing him, so they give sex thinking the man will be with them forever. This very act shows a gross misunderstanding of sex.

An exchange for hurt/pains

When confusion sets in sex become an alternative of healing wounds of the moment. Never have I seen sex healing emotional wounds though can suppress it and that’s why our society needs it constantly to maintain the hidden hurt and pains in them. If you don’t find a solution to the inner hurts and pains in you, it just a matter of time you will buy into sex as an alternative option.

A hope of future

Of course, I have no doubt in the ability of sex in sealing the future of two sincere lovers but well in their ignorance sex can play the role of diminishing return of their feelings for each other. You started with all sincerity but unknowingly reduce the future dream of your love towards each other to mere night dream. Note: One of the dangers of sex is its ability to diminish your emotional feelings to mere clay that will soon turn to dust.

Inner conflict that can’t be explain

These are categories of people who don’t know if they want to love or not and in the midst of their decision larger percentage often fall into painful love life.

A Relationship should be taken with the same value as life and death very expensive to play with or joke with seeing how it can render a living human useless even with wealth and satisfaction making life frustrating towards it victims. How do you explain a relationship suffering from sexual in-satisfaction? Or the various numbers of females who see themselves as a sex toy? Huh well am Joseph Sam, coming out of the woods can make you see life differently if you care to feel the pains of others.

Sweetness in love and relationship

May I tell you this, until you build a sound love life (Note: very few females have enjoyed true male world affection, the same with males very few have really enjoyed the true sounds of love especially from female world), relationship can be a disastrous journey you ever wish to experience. No matter the conflict inside of you, please do find peace to suppress the hurts and pains of love and what an advantage to have good friends that understand the power of friendship in healing your wounds.