How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

Signs of a bad relationship

Two categories of Relationship:

Unequally yoked

This is a relationship which both parties have lots of differences. Individually, they are ok but together they repel because their differences are much. Unequally yoked is a good example of a wrong relationship.

Equally yoked

This is a relationship which their differences are within the limit but can’t understand while they keep having issues. This kind is Easy to fix because they have good intentions.

Nobody has ever entered a relationship with the mind of getting into problems. But, most times we find ourselves in mess because of our inability to discern good relationship. The principle guiding how to choose rightly isn’t in you rather you settle for what appeals to your senses. It is a grave mistake to make for any man or woman going into a relationship by sight. I love to say any relationship that any of the parties takes advantage or try to deprive his or her partner peace of mind is a wrong relationship.

However, a relationship that will experience some hitches but it is important you know how to resolve any issue as they appear. Then, your relationship will be fun.

You will know you are with the wrong partner if:

He/she isn’t sincere

Sincerity is the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. Some relationships are built on pretense. People can go to any length of deceit to deceive undiscerning mind. They do so because they have a goal to achieve: it may be your money or to have sex with you. Once the goal is achieved the relationship will start to experience all kinds of issues. It’s important you know the intention of your partner early whether it is for good or evil.

Your future isn’t his/her concern

One of the greatest things that matter to any man is his future. Everybody is in search of life’s meaning. People like painting the image of how their life should be in few years’ time in their heart. The aspiration of your heart should ignite your partner to help and encourage your dream come to fruition. But if this isn’t the case, it means your partner has little or no concern about your successful.

He/she is selfish

Don't go into a relationship with a partner who thinks of himself first before others and only interested in what he will benefit. Such partner can't make sacrifice no matter how small it is. This is an unhealthy relationship where mutual benefits aren’t the goal.

Little or no commitment

For any relationship to grow and be blissful there must be a commitment from both partners. Your mind will be where your treasure is, this is a statement of fact. You can’t claim that you love me without if my wellbeing isn’t one of your top priorities. Love must be express. A relationship is wrong if your partner fails to express his/her love to you. It is a high level of lack of seriousness and commitment when your partner isn’t putting the required effort to make the relationship grow and flourish. All hands must be on deck for the relationship to work.


It is a grave mistake and a life of bondage to continue to endure a relation where you will be maltreated. A relationship is for enjoyment and shouldn’t a source of your sorrow.
Your life is precious; don’t give it to someone that doesn’t give a care and value you. You are special and wonderfully made by God.