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How to keep your virginity until you marry

Virginity issue is controversial based on ethnicity, religion, race and perception differences. Regardless of the differences in how people view virginity, I am of the opinion that both male and female should wait till he/she marries. The pros of waiting outweigh the cons; it also has numerous benefits when compare with pre-marital sex. Let me digress, for example, a drug is considered fit for use when its benefits outweigh its negative effects on the body. Seeing that the benefit of keeping your virginity till you marry outweigh pre-marital sex, I believe it is worthy of note to discuss on how to maintain your virginity.

This present age doesn’t support young folks to wait till they marry. Minds have been polluted with all kinds of direct and indirect pornography. The rate of indecent dressing is at its highest. These have placed pressure on kids and have initiated them into having sex as early has 6 years old. Recently, I heard a case of a young boy (age: 15-18) who raped a nine-month-old baby girl. This is not the first time I would hear of such case. The pressure is much on our young folks and there is a need for them to know what to do to overcome the pressure. Listed below are how you can resist the pressure and maintain your virginity till you marry:

Avoid pornography

You must do away with anything that exposes you to sex. Reading sexually related novels and watching sexual movies should be avoided. Parents should endeavor to monitor the kind of book and movie their children read and watch respectively. The more you expose yourself to sexually related materials the more your urge to have sex. It is a well-known fact that sexual materials have the capacity to initiate you into early sexual life. I have also noticed that there is a way our body chemistry reacts whenever we are reading sexual books or watching sexual movies. Guard your heart by avoiding sexual materials.

Take time to be familiar with your body 

It is important you understand how your body work. A body you don’t understand will definitely be abuse. Know what initiate sexual urge in you and how you can handle it. You also need to understand your emotional need. Know what to do to meet your emotional need without engaging in sex.

Keep your mind busy with your life’s goals

An idle mind is sex workshop. I have also observed by experience that sexual thought do come when you are not engaged in productive work. Focus on what will move you ahead in life and sexual thought will be the last on your mind. Sex is never and can never be a goal in life. I have never seen a man or a woman who can say confidently that my goal in life is sex. If sex isn’t a goal therefore take your mind off it and focus on the real deal of your life.

Never give in to Peer pressure

Pre-marital sex can never boost your social status as some may want it to look. You don’t become better or it doesn’t mean you are more exposed when you engage in it. One of the funniest things I have ever heard is calling a boy or a girl “big” when they have engaged in pre-marital sex. Does sex make one” big”? This is laughable. Resist any attempt by your peers or friends to deceive you into pre-marital sex.

Love and appreciate yourself often

Don’t wait for someone’s approval before you know how important and special you are. Love yourself first before someone tells you he/she loves you. The same goes with appreciation. Loving and appreciating yourself will help your self-confidence and make you stay balance when opposite sex says he loves you or appreciate you. When you love yourself, you will not want to mix pre-marital sex with your life which has ability to complicate your life. In most cases, pre-marital sex is a complication than pleasure.