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4 ways to get over breakup

The aftermath effect of breakups can be sometimes damaging or devastating. It is because of the emotional trauma or psychological imbalance that makes the effect something to watch closely. Anything that has the tendency to toy with your emotion has the tendency to affect your psychological wellbeing.  Some have been hurt beyond normal because someone they love broke up with them. They think they have invested so much in the relationship and that they don’t deserve such treatment. The thought of investment is what normally hurt people after a breakup. Often you hear words like “I have invested my time, emotion, trust, body etc. into the relationship”. If such thought goes unchecked, it can lead to behavioral changes that may not be healthy for any other relationships such people find themselves in.

I have also had breakup in my life before I found my queen who I am now married to. So I know what it means to breakup up with someone you love. The thought of loss or a sense of betrayal that feels your mind is enough to throw you off balance emotionally. One thing I am sure of is that for every problem there is a way it can be managed and handled. Some of the ways to managed breakups and to get back to your normal life will be discussed below. That you ended a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t start another one that will be more adventitious and rewarding than the one that you just ended. Never greet relationship goodbye because of the sad experience of breakup that you had. We are created to relate, to love and be loved.

Move farther
I have discovered that distance is a threat to a relationship and I have been made to understand that out of sight is often out of mind. The memories may remain stronger as you see the person often but fades away when you are out of his/her sight. Even a relationship that has not experienced breakup can be threatened if there is a distance between partners. Distance helps the memories to fade away and assist you in picking up yourself.

Time is a great tool that heals wound. I have discovered via my own experience that the emotional imbalance you experience changes with time.  I will also advise that you should not allow such experience make you lose your life. You get better and refreshed when you sleep over such issue because sleep is a medicine. Try to tell yourself that “it is a matter of time, this experience will go”.

Engage yourself
It is a popular saying that a mind that is not occupied with good thoughts attracts all kinds of thought. Your present engagement will determine your present thought. Try not to be idle, try not to be alone during this time. It is a time to read books you love, listen to your favorite music, surround yourself with interesting people, exercise more, go on an adventitious vacation etc. Enjoy all the beautiful things nature has in stock for you during such time. Don’t allow the thought of broken a broken relationship to affect the essence of your being because life is to be enjoyed.

Don’t rush into another relationship
The greatest mistake you can do is to start another relationship immediately after the breakup because the effect of the experience may still be in your heart. Most people believed that starting another relationship will immediately heal them of the damage the previous one caused them. There is a need for you to give yourself time to learn from your breakup, heal the wound and make sure you are fit to start another one. You have only one heart; don’t allow it to be broken several times or don’t allow it to be toyed with. I know you will want to be careful not to allow the breakup experience to reoccur again. So don’t rush!