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Facts to consider before going into distance relationships

A distance relationship is an intimate relationship between partners who are geographically isolated from one another. Partners in a distance relationship face geographic separation and lack of face-to-face contact. The relationship may seem difficult to keep but it can work if you are sure that your partner is sincere and value the relationship. I can’t suggest you go into a distance relationship if you aren’t sure the relationship will end in marriage. Most of the distance relationships I have seen are waste of time and emotion because it ended in a breakup.

For example, my first distance relationship crashed because of distance barrier and I wasn't knowledgeable enough to sustain it. Although, my second relationship was a distance relationship but I managed it well and it ended in marriage. Although, I wasn’t insecure by the distance in my second relationship and I didn’t lose my sleep for once . The two relationships I had was a distance relationship and I have gained some lessons from them. 

Moreover, you have to understand some facts before you go into it and get yourself prepared for it. People are afraid of distance relationship because of lack of trust in their partner. Once you know that you can’t trust him/her, bid the relationship a good farewell. Some of the facts you need to consider before getting into a distance relationship or if you are in it:

There must be trust

There must be a level of confidence that you must have in your partner. If you notice he/she likes flirting around, you need to have a rethink if you can still go on with the relationship. Trust should be the foundation of any relationship; once it is missing the relationship will be under threat. Lack of trust breeds insecurity in any relationship. The reason people lose their peace in a relationship is because the essential ingredient of a healthy relationship is lacking.


You and your partner must be ready to sacrifice your time and resources for your relationship to work. One of the sacrifices you and your partner will have to make is ability to communicate well, but you must avoid excessive communication. This will help to salvage the distance barrier.  Any relationship will grow if there is no lack of communication because communication is the heartbeat of any relationship. Moreover, you and your partner must be ready to check on each other as at when required.

Behavioral change

Sensing a behavioral change is a bad signal if you are in a distance relationship. If you notice that your partner is getting cold about the relationship, try to save your relationship. The first thing you have to do is to find out from him or her, the cause or reason for the coldness. In case the response wasn’t satisfactory, you have to brace up, for the relationship is about to die.


You and your partner must value the relationship. I believe that if your partner values the relationship, he or she will do everything possible to keep and sustain the relationship: your mind will be where your treasure is.

Stay positive

Stay away from negative thought and don’t allow unnecessary fear. Be thankful for the relationship and enjoy every bit of it. See the distance as a blessing and not as a barrier.