How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

A relationship is likened to a car

A relationship is sweet if born out of sincerity of heart and with positive purpose. You can achieve more by working together because two persons that truly loves each other and are genuinely committed are involved. A healthy relationship remains the solution to heal our world.
Relationships can be likened to a car and its owner. Some of the experiences of the owners are:
  1. Some are the mechanic of their car.
  2. Some knew little about what can go wrong with the car, fix it temporarily for management.
  3. Some just abandon it forever.
  4. Some value their car than anything on this earth even more than their lives.
Reasons for your choice
There are different reasons why people buy a car and the same goes with a relationship, but I will like to highlight some of the reasons why some people go for the type of car they ride: 

1. What are your reasons for the car you bought? Is it out of pressure, competition or you just felt like it’s time you should have one? Or maybe you didn’t plan for it and the whole thing just happened without any prior thought; someone bought it for you huh? So that means you never knew what you want to put your feet into before going for it. This kind of approach is illogical and blind.

2. You had your money and absolutely prepared for it but unfortunately, you have no taste, no advance information about car; you were clueless about your choice of a car, so you bought a car with old engines, expired tires (My God) etc. Some knew everything they ought to know about a car but were unfortunately not to get a new car but settled for a used car because of financial constraint. How could a car buyer have a taste and still go against his choice? To go against one’s choice is to set a trap for the future.

The Truth about a car

The relationship between a car and the owner is for mutual benefit. If you want to enjoy your car you must service and maintain it well. The car brings values to you, brings respect and honor, add speed to your journey though some car can make life difficult for you while traveling but cars don’t win a contract for you, it can change your status but not your identity.

There are some certain problems in modern day relationship which need to be looked into. No man desires to buy a new car without considering the cost of maintenance and we all know the higher the cost of the car the higher the cost of maintenance. As a man, you can’t desire a classic beautiful girl without being buoyant financially and matured emotionally. Everyone buys a car according to their capacity, you are expected to buy what you can maintain or else you will be frustrated. It will take a girl with low self-esteem to be in a relationship with a guy who is yet to discover the man in him. Causes of failure in a relationship are more of lack of maintenance than external forces. And our negligence in facing the realities of who we are has brought many relationships down. Your very first step into a successful relationship is getting that man/woman that suits you. There is no reason to choose in haste, calm down your body chemistry and don’t allow it to push you beyond your dream partner.